Flora of the Mountain Kingdom

Saniella verna – Lesotho Flowers

May 11, 2011

Name: Saniella – It is said to be named after the World Heritage site of Sani Pass situated in the Mokhotlong District of South Eastern Lesotho highlands.


The wetlands of the mountains of Lesotho are unique and has been suggested that they represent the type of wetlands related to those of Europe and North America. They are freshwater wetlands. This is where you find a mosaic of species ranging from red, white,  pink,  yellow,  blue, maroon and etc.  When almost all the species have finished flowering, the little white and yellow-throated beauties will always be found as the last offer for a flower hunter to enjoy.


It is a dwarf, white and yellow-throated flower with deeply dissected petals.

Distribution and habitat:

It is mostly found at an altitude of approximately 3000 meters above sea level, specifically in the headwater wetlands of Lesotho main river’s sources (Bokong, Malibamatso, Matsoku) in the North East of Lesotho which contribute into the massive must-see Lesotho Highlands Water Project, Katse dam.

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