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SKRUM Lesotho, the first steps

December 6, 2012

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SKRUM aims to give the youth of Africa HOPE for the future and for once the freedom of CHOICE in their lives through social education and the opportunity to play the wonderful game of RUGBY.

SKRUM’s mission

  • To give the school children of Swaziland much-needed education in sex awareness, differentiating between the young and the sexually active, while introducing an element of fun – RUGBY!
  • To help DEVELOP individuals from families of limited resources who show ability in the game of rugby.
  • To develop children’s personalities and LIFE SKILLS so that they might grow into leaders who can proudly serve their community and country.

SKRUM CEO Michael Collinson handed over twenty rugby balls and rugby jerseys donated by James Gilbert SA to the SKRUM Lesotho coaches at the end of a SKRUM coaching session held in Maseru.

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The SKRUM Lesotho coaches with their rugby jerseys and balls donated by James Gilbert SA.

Michael is wheelchair bound for the rest of his life, but remains the life and soul of the party. He still lives in Swaziland with his wife Linda and is still President of the country’s Rugby Union. In 2007 he set up the SKRUM charity with the help of Linda to combine his two undying passions: rugby and helping to combat an HIV/AIDS endemic which has lowered Swaziland’s life expectancy to just 32, and threatens to wipe out the population without action and education.

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