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Maliba Lodge – In view of Roxanne Reid

January 24, 2019
Maliba Lodge Lesotho

The blanketwrap is a platform to provide you comprehensive view about Lesotho and its founding partner Maliba Lodge. The aim is to provide people with a wholesome view of Lesotho from point of view of guests and travellers visiting Lesotho. We had the pleasure of hosting freelance writer, photojournalist, blogger, editor and proofreader Roxanne Reid. She has won more than ten Specialist Press Association Pica Awards for writing and editing.

She has written about the activities that Maliba Lodge provide, You can see the full write-up here:

Below are the some of the excerpts of her experience at Maliba Lodge:

She Writes for Lesotho:

I love it for its scenery and people, its fascinating history (think Moshoeshoe’s visionary leadership) and its Basotho culture (think ponies, blankets and conical hats)Now there’s another reason: a romantic and honeymoon getaway at Maliba Lodge, Lesotho.

Lesotho Maliba Lodge

About Maliba Lodge:

Maliba Mountain Lodge presents a wonderful opportunity for honeymooners and anyone hankering after a romantic getaway from South Africa, especially from Gauteng or the Free State.The most beautiful part of the lodge is your mountain chalet. Styled on the traditional Basotho hut – a rondavel of stone walls with a thatched roof – it has been reinvented and given a modern twist with a dressed stone wall inside, a thatch roof that isn’t perfectly circular and conical but gently wavy to echo the mountains beyond.

Luxury Accommodation Maliba Maliba Main Lodge



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