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First Ski Trac to be in the Mountain Kingdom

March 8, 2012

You know that in May 2011 we reported something regarding the government of Lesotho planning the construction of the world’s first Ski Trac in the highlands of Lesotho as part of an initiative to increase tourism in the country.

What is a Ski Trac?

Ski Trac dome sketch

A Ski Trac is a giant indoor revolving slope that will allow skiers the potential for an endless ski run, within a massive climatically controlled dome.

“The World’s Longest Ski Run!” At the top speed of 30 km/h (19 mph), the slope-stretching magic of the rotating deck becomes apparent. As the skier zigzags downhill he is constantly being taken back up again by the on-coming snow and may in fact never reach the bottom!

In one hour he has traveled 30 kilometres (19 miles) over the snow, making the Ski-Trac the longest ski run in the world – and all under one roof!

The ability to provide a ski run vastly in excess of the size of its structure will see the Ski-Trac become the standard method of indoor skiing throughout the world.

A mandate has been signed with the tourism corporation of the Lesotho Government to commence the development stage of the Maseru Twin Domes. Financial assistance is being granted to make this a major tourist attraction in South Africa.  Plans for a spectacular Twin Domes tourist attraction in the Southern African kingdom of Lesotho have moved to the feasibility stage says Kevin Ferris of Ski Trac International Pty Lt. The news follows the project receiving final clearance from the Lesotho government to commence.


Plans for a spectacular Twin Domes tourist attraction…

This planned resort will be tilted towards the high end of the resort market, making the most of its clear air health benefits, top class hotels, golf courses, mountain walks, panning for diamonds and much more. A push is currently under way to make this the world’s first Ski Trac.

The Twin Domes would see a Ski Trac with its patented indoor revolving snow mountain creating the world’s longest ski run in one of the domes, the other, the Space Dome, would house the world’s largest cinema screen covering seven acres. The site for the Twin Domes at Maseru is very central to Southern African with 14 million people living within a 300km radius.

The Space Dome would also feature the world’s biggest indoor water park, an 800 metres long sandy beach, water slides and tropical lagoons, never-ending surf waves, a submarine tropical reef tour and the chance to ride to Space in a four-man “space craft” to visit a full size replica of the International Space Station and do a space walk in a space suit.

In addition to the standard features of the Ski and Space Domes, a major attraction will be the Orange River Raft Safari which will occupy three levels of the Space Dome. Each twelve-man raft will pass through recreated landscapes commencing at the origin of the river high in the mountains of Lesotho and depict on both sides the life and story of this historic river as it makes its way to the Atlantic Ocean. The river will also feature on Skyline’s Surround-180 five-projector cinema screen which will wrap the viewer within the breath-taking scenery.

“The uniqueness of this project is that it is designed more for boosting the economy of Lesotho than for commercial opportunity, given its location. Thus the project will be largely funded by government and other grants.” said Mr Ferris, “We have already determined that the project will one day ride high on the tourist and local visitor trail. Though not actually up in the Maloti Mountains , the Ski Dome will nevertheless redefine skiing in that country.”

Southern Africa currently has one small commercial ski field operating in Lesotho – Afri-Ski where the season runs from early June to early September.

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  • Reply Judy MacDonnell August 25, 2020 at 9:37 am

    For forty years I’ve been hearing this story. “The money is voming next week! The first SkiTrac is going to be in country X!”
    Friends snd relstives who’ve invested in this are still waiting…and waiting…and waiting….
    It’s 8 years since this article was written. Has ground been broken yet? I doubt it.

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