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Lesotho Telecommunications Set To Boom 2014

October 28, 2014

Vodacom Launches LTE Connectivity In Lesotho


Vodacom has launched the Long Term Evolution (LTE) service in Lesotho. According to Vodacom, the service will bring high-speed mobile internet to the people of the Mountain Kingdom as well as address the relative scarcity of fixed line connections in the country.


Data demand in Lesotho is booming, with more than a quarter of our customer base actively using data. We can only see the trend accelerating from here, which is why we’re so excited to launch the latest connection technology

said Ian Ferrao, Managing Director of Vodacom Lesotho (IT News Africa; 2014).

There’s a proven link between internet access and GDP growth, and Vodacom has been investing heavily in our network in Lesotho in order to make sure we connect as many people as possible. The country has a limited number of fixed line data connections, and by launching this next generation LTE/4G technology, we think we can make a real difference to the speed and quality of connectivity available to the nation

adds Ferrao (IT News Africa; 2014).

Vodacom Lesotho, which launched services in 1996, has more than 1.3 million customers. Over 350,000 of these are active data users. In comparison, there are estimated to be fewer than 10,000 fixed-line ADSL connections in the country (IT News Africa; 2014).

Vodacom’s LTE/4G service is currently available in Maseru and will be extended to other districts in the coming months.  The service is available to both prepaid and contract customers, and is ideal for businesses looking to increase the speed and quality of their data connection (IT News Africa; 2014).

We’ve got plans to continue to speed things up from here, so I’m confident that Vodacom will continue to play a big role in getting Lesotho connected into the future

concludes Ferrao (IT News Africa; 2014).

Darryl Linington


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