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Dinosaur Footprint Tour – Tsikoane Cave Site

January 10, 2020

The tour takes you to the Tsikoane Cave footprint site. It is one of the most well preserved and maintained examples of dinosaur artefacts in the world, attracting many archaeologists and palaeontologists. It is the journey to where dinosaurs once walked, getting the rare opportunity to see preserved footprints which are over 150 million years old. Due to the unusual formation of the prints, they have been very well preserved and are certainly an impressive sight. A Maliba dinosaur guide will travel with you, sharing their knowledge of the dinosaurs and process of footprint formation.

There is a 2 km hike to the Tsikoane footprints, where the prints are embedded in the roof of a rock overhang. The walk up to the footprints is difficult terrain, so it is advised to be well prepared with adequate fitness level. This tour is quite lengthy and it is recommended that you arrange a packed lunch with the lodge when booking. The climb up to the site is a bit rough, without a defined path This makes the site not easily accessible by everyone and has a feeling of adventure Your guide will help you navigate this historical tour safely.

The footprints are situated under a rock shelf on the side of a cliff protected from weathering and vandals. There are two areas that have footprints and you can walk directly under them. There is a small cave that you go through to get to the other side to start your climb down. Downhill is also very difficult as there are loose rocks and at times you may have to crawl through the bush to get down.

This is a guided Tour
Activity Terrain: Difficult
Provided by: Maliba Lodge
Price: 6Hr Tour – Adult – R500
6Hr Tour – Kids – R350

Here are the pictures of our most recent Tour to Cave:

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