Lesotho Culture

How to wear the Traditional Blanket

December 1, 2010
  1. Hold the blanket with the correct side for your gender facing outwards. If you’re male, wear the darker side out. If you’re a female, the lighter side should be on the outside. Ensure that the stripes are vertical and that the tag is at the bottom.
  2. Fold the blanket over at the top so that the blanket will not be too large on you when you wear it.
  3. Keeping the correct side facing outwards, drape the blanket over yourself so that the opening of the blanket is on your right side. If you’re female, however, the opening should be in front of you. Remember to keep the stripes vertical, the correct side out, and the tag at the bottom.
  4. Pin the blanket at your right shoulder or front, depending on your gender. If you’re male, pin it so that the pin is not visible. This can be tricky.

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